Who to include

Everyone who usually lives in a household in one of the rehearsal areas or is staying there overnight on 13 October 2019 can take part and be included.

If you usually live in a rehearsal area but will be away on 13 October 2019, you can still be included at your usual address.

The rehearsal will only count people who live in households.

Places like halls of residence and care homes are not included but will be counted in the full census in 2021.

You can find guidance to help you complete the questionnaire in our question help section about how to include people with different circumstances.

More guidance is also available for the following circumstances:

If your address is a bed and breakfast or hotel please contact us.

Key points

The census rehearsal will count everybody in the rehearsal areas who lives in a household and wants to take part.
How you complete your census rehearsal depends on your household's circumstances.
More guidance is available to help you include people in different circumstances
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