Last updated
16 Mar 2022

What passports do you hold?

My passport has expired. How do I answer?

You may enter an expired passport as long as you think you are entitled to renew it. Do not enter the details if you are not entitled to renew.

I have more than one passport. How do I answer?

If you have more than one passport, tick all of the boxes that apply. If you select 'Other', also enter the current name of the country that issued your passport. 

If you have one or more passports not issued in the United Kingdom (UK) or Ireland

Select the 'Other' option and enter each passport in the space provided.

What to enter

When entering the name of a passport, use the name of the country that issued your passport.

If the country of issue has changed its name

Enter the current name of the country.

If you have other travel documents which show you are a citizen of a particular country

Complete the question as if the travel document were a passport.

Why is this question asked? 

This information is important to plan and understand the impacts of migration policy.

Who should answer this question?

Everyone should answer this question.

Answering on paper

If there is not enough space, write in as much as the space allows. You may only be able to write in one passport. It is up to you which passport(s) you write in.

It may be possible to shorten the name of the country. For example, if you hold a passport for the United States of America, you can write in 'USA'.

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