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22 Nov 2021

Which of these qualifications do you have?

How do I answer this question?

Each option has a list of some of the most common qualifications in that category. Select the option if you have any of the qualifications in the list.

If a qualification you have is not listed, select the option that has the nearest equivalent. Examples are provided below.

If you do not know the nearest equivalent, select the 'Other' option that best describes your qualification. If you cannot remember all the qualifications you have achieved, answer as best you can.

Select all the options that apply to your qualifications.

Examples of school qualifications and their equivalents

Access 3 Cluster – select ‘O Grade, Standard Grade … or equivalent’

Senior Certificate – select ‘O Grade, Standard Grade … or equivalent’

Advanced Senior Certificate – select ‘Higher, Advanced Higher … or equivalent’

Baccalaureate – select ‘Higher, Advanced Higher … or equivalent’

Examples of Further Education qualifications and their equivalents

NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) NVQs are equivalent to SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications). Select the option for the same level of SVQ.

What do I include as professional qualifications?

These are usually work related qualifications that are required for your profession. If your qualification is also a Degree or higher qualification, select both options.

Do not include qualifications that are taken for recreational purposes, for example, language courses, sporting qualifications or awards that you have completed for personal use only.

I have obtained some qualifications but have not received the certificate yet. Do I include them?

Yes, include any qualifications you have obtained. 

I have not received the results of my exams yet. Do I include the qualifications I think I will get? 

No, do not include any qualifications you have not yet obtained.

My qualifications were gained outside the United Kingdom. What do I select? 

If you know what your qualifications are equivalent to, select these options.

If you do not know the nearest equivalent, select the 'Other' option that best describes your qualification.

I am retired. Why do you need to ask me this question? 

It is important for retired people to answer the questions about qualifications and work. This is so we can provide statistics on the educational and employment trends and needs of the whole population. Many people continue working or studying beyond traditional retirement ages, so there is an increasing demand for this information.

Why is this question asked?

It is important for us to ask what qualifications you have. This is because we need to understand what kind of education and employment people have.

The information we get from this question will help:

  • inform planning
  • identify barriers to employment
  • support funding decisions that help people develop new skills

Who should answer this question?

This question should be answered for everybody who is aged 16 or over.

Is this page useful?

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