Last updated
9 Feb 2022

What address do you travel to for your main job or course of study (including school)?

How do I answer this question?

Select the option which best describes your main place of work or study for what you were doing last week. Only answer about your current job or course of study.

Your circumstances may have changed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Answer about your current address of work or study. For example, if you mainly work or study from home, select your home address.

If you are away ill or self-isolating, answer about your main place of work or study before being away.

If you work and study for equal amounts of time, answer for your work.

Select the option that best suits your situation. You may need to provide an address.

Why is this question asked?

The information gathered from this question is used to explore the relationship between where people live and where they work or study. Along with information on method of travel to work or study, it will help to identify commuter patterns and routes and provide an indicator for the demands placed on public and private transport.

I am retired. Do I need to answer this question?

If you are retired and undertaking some form of paid work or study you should answer this question, otherwise you do not need to answer.

Many people continue working or studying beyond traditional retirement ages. This means there is more demand for this information to help design services.

I have more than one job. How do I answer?

Answer about the job you consider to be your main one, this will usually be the job in which you work the most hours.

My place of work is not fixed. I can be working at more than one address in the course of my job. How do I answer?

You should select the 'no fixed place' option.

Do I need to put an address if I mostly study at home?

There are many reasons you may mostly study at home, for example, if you are undertaking an Open University course. If most of your hours of study are at home, select the 'Distance learning, home schooled, or equivalent' option. You will not have to enter an address.

Who should answer this question?

This question should be answered for everybody who is aged 4 or over and is currently working or studying. If you are retired and do not currently work or study, you do not need to answer this question.

How do I answer this question on paper?

Select one box only and enter details if required. If you select 'the address below, write in', enter the full UK address.

If you run out of space, enter as much as the space allows. Only enter one character per box.

I am answering on paper and I work or study outside the UK. How do I answer?

If the address you travel to for your main job or course of study is outside the UK, write in the country. You do not need to write in the full address.

I am answering on paper and cannot remember all of my work or study address. How do I answer?

If you cannot remember the full UK address, write in as much as you can remember. For example, the postcode, street name and town, or town and county. Do not leave it blank.

Remember to tick the box to indicate whether this is your address of work or study.

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