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27 Feb 2022

Does your household own or rent this accommodation?

How do I answer this question?

The following help explains what the options in the question mean, to help you select your answer.

'Owns with a mortgage or loan' - this means you are making repayments on any type of mortgage or loan secured against your accommodation.

'Owns outright' - this means you own your accommodation without owing any money on it (like a mortgage or loan).

'Owns with shared equity, for example LIFT (Low-cost Initiative for First Time Buyers) or Help-to-Buy' -  this means you have received help to buy your property through a government scheme that allowed you to pay a smaller deposit or by purchasing some of the equity in your property so that you only have to pay for a percentage of the property.

'Rents (with or without housing benefit)’ - this means you pay rent to live here. If you pay some rent and get some money from housing benefit to help pay the rent, select this option.

'Part owns and part rents (shared ownership)’ - this means you own part of your accommodation, with or without a mortgage or loan, and also pay rent for part of it.

'Lives here rent free' - this means you do not own the accommodation and do not pay rent to live here. If you do not pay rent but do make a contribution towards household expenses, select this option.

Some examples of rent-free living are:

  • someone paying no rent and living in a property owned by a family member or friend
  • someone paying no rent and living in the property of a deceased partner which is held in trust
  • someone paying no rent who is divorced or separated and living in a property which is owned solely by their ex-partner, who no longer lives there

'Lives here rent free' does not include living in accommodation where the rent is paid on your behalf by housing benefit.

Select 'Rents (with or without housing benefit)' if rent is paid on your behalf by housing benefit.

I am a member of a housing co-op. How do I answer?

If you pay rent to your co-op, select 'Rents (with or without housing benefit)'. If you are paying for it with all or part of a mortgage or loan, select the option that bests describes your situation.

Why is this question asked?

Responses to this question will help central and local government to:

  • assess changes in housing demand
  • allocate resources
  • review and develop housing plans and policies

Information on whether your household rents or owns the accommodation will help build a picture of the way housing is used.

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

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