Last updated
27 Feb 2022

Who is your landlord?

My home is not a council house but is managed on behalf of the council. How do I answer?

If your home is managed by an organisation/company on behalf of the council, please select 'Council (Local Authority) or Housing Association/Registered Social Landlord'.

I am a member of a housing co-op. How do I answer?

Select 'Council (Local Authority) or Housing Association/Registered Social Landlord'.

Why is this question asked?

Responses to this question will help central and local government to:

  • assess changes in housing demand
  • allocate resources
  • review and develop housing plans and policies.

Information on who your landlord is will help build a picture of the way housing is used.

How do I answer this question?

Select one option only.

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

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