Last updated
27 Feb 2022

List the names of people counted in H2

How do I answer this question?

Give full name(s) rather than initials, where possible. You do not need to include titles, such as Mr, Mrs or Dr.

More than one person has the same name. How do I answer?

If two or more people in the household share the same name, it might be helpful to give their middle names as well.

How do I record my middle name?

If you want to include a middle name, write this under ‘First name(s)’.

How do I record a newborn baby who has not been named yet? 

Write ‘Baby’ for the first name of a newborn baby that has not been named yet. Also write in their last name.

Only include babies born on or before 20 March 2022

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

I am answering on paper and I do not live at this address. How do I answer?

If you are completing the census for somebody else, only include people who usually live at the address.

I am answering on paper and there are more than five people in my household. What do I do?

You may find it easier to fill in the census online.

On paper, fill in the questionnaire for the first five people in your household and then fill in a Continuation Questionnaire.

Remember to include all the people usually living in your household (including those in the Continuation Questionnaire) in the count in question H2 on your first questionnaire.

You can contact us to ask for a Continuation Questionnaire.

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