Last updated
27 Feb 2022

How many people are staying at this address whose permanent home is elsewhere?

How do I answer this question on paper?

Write in the number of people staying at this address on the night of 20 March 2022 who usually live elsewhere. 

Do not include anyone counted in question H2 (people who usually live here). 

If all the people staying at this address on the night of 20 March 2022 usually live somewhere else, please answer questions H7 to H10 and questions V1 to V4 on the back page.

You do not need to answer this question if you said at question H4 that no-one is staying at this address on 20 March 2022 whose permanent or family home is elsewhere.

If you need more advice about who to include, see the question help for H1

I am answering on paper. Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question. This question is only asked on the paper questionnaire.

Why is this question asked?

Knowing about other people who are staying at your address on the night of 20 March 2022 helps us make sure we have counted everyone.

Is this page useful?

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