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27 Feb 2022

What type of accommodation is this?

How do I answer this question?

Select one option only.

Your accommodation is the area of a building that your household lives in. It may not be the whole building.

Use the guidance in this section to help you choose your type of accommodation. If it is not exactly one of these, select the closest.

Whole house or bungalow - this is a property that has not been split into separate flats or other units of accommodation.

A whole house or bungalow can be detached, semi-detached or terraced.

Detached – this is a house or bungalow where no part of the property is attached to another property. This includes houses or bungalows which are joined only by a garage

Semi-detached – this is a house or bungalow that is joined to another property on one side only, by a common wall.

Terraced – this is a property which sits in a row of at least three houses that share common walls. This category includes houses at the end of a terrace, as well as those between other houses.

Flat, maisonette or apartment – these can be:

  • in a tenement or purpose-built block of flats,
  • part of a converted or shared house, or
  • in a commercial building

Tenement or purpose-built block of flats - this is a building that was specifically designed to be used as flats. This includes buildings that were not originally built to be lived in, but have been converted into flats. For example, this includes properties that used to be schools, churches or warehouses.

Part of a converted or shared house - this is part of a house that has been divided into a number of separate properties (such as flats or bedsits).

In a commercial building - this is one where the living accommodation is part of a building that is still used commercially. For example, living accommodation over a shop, a hotel, or in an office building.

Mobile or temporary structure – these could include:

  • caravans or campervans,
  • converted railway carriages,
  • houseboats,
  • mobile homes,
  • trailers, or any other mobile or temporary structure.

I live on a houseboat. Which option do I select?

If you live on a permanently moored house boat, or a yacht, tick the box for 'a caravan or other mobile or temporary structure'.

Why is this question asked?

We will use your answers to this question and others to identify areas where there is overcrowding.

The answers to all the accommodation questions help with:

  • housing standards
  • housing needs and planning
  • planning and delivering services to your community.

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

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