Last updated
27 Feb 2022

Are all rooms in this accommodation behind a closed door that only this household can use?

How do I answer this question?

This question asks whether all your rooms are behind a door that only your household can use. This includes the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Select 'Yes' if all of the rooms are used only by this household. For example, your flat has a front door and all the rooms you use are behind that front door.

Select 'No' if you have to share any rooms with another household. For example, a communal kitchen.

Select 'No' if you have to cross a space used by another household. For example, crossing a landing to use your bathroom.

If you are not sure how to answer, choose as best you can.

Why is this question asked? 

We will use your answers to this question and others to identify areas where there is overcrowding.

The answers to all the accommodation questions help with:

  • housing standards
  • housing needs and planning
  • planning and delivering services to your community.

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

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