Last updated
22 Nov 2021

What is this person's date of birth?

Do I record household members here?

Do not record details of household members here. Only record details for people whose permanent or family home is elsewhere. Remember to include children and babies.

How do I answer this question?

Enter the day, month and year in the format DD MM YYYY.  For example, if you were born on the 2nd November 1990 then you would enter 02 11 1990.

If you do not know this person’s date of birth, estimate it as best you can.

Why is this question asked?

Knowing about other people who are staying at your address on 20 March 2022 helps us make sure we have counted everyone.

Why do you not just ask for age?

We ask for date of birth, rather than age, so that we can work out your age at different dates.

Who should answer this question?

The householder or joint householder should answer this question.

Is this page useful?

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